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The Low Srteet Gallery


 Tom Dack


We are delighted as part of our 10th anniversary to have renowned artists and cartographer Tom Dack as our 1st artist in residence. Toms work will be on display from Friday 3rd of June for 3 weeks.

Entitled Time Pieces 1998-2011 Toms will display Selected Cartography, Cartoons & other Trivia.


Tom Dack

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Welcome to Elements a body of work in wood and ceramics by renowned artists

Brid Lyons and Dave Comerford.

The exhibition showcase the unique talents of these artists as they manipulate their chosen media to create works,  almost organic in there uniqueness. There exhibition will run from Sat the 6th of Aug at 2pm until Sat the 3rd of September 2011.

This is a rare opportunity to experience art in its most vibrant form.



Brid Lyons and Dave Comerford

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